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  Critical illness insurance cover is available as an additional benefit for most life insurance contracts but can also be taken out as a freestanding plan in its own right.

Probably one of the most important benefits that can be obtained within life insurance primarily because unlike life cover itself critical illness cover actual has the opportunity to benefit the planholder themselves.

How it works

Critical illness basically pays out the life insurance benefit should the planholder be diagnosed with a critical illness such as the list below.

The main reason that this type of benefit is so beneficial is the claim can be made regardless of the outcome of the actual condition. This means that for example you could have a heart attack and make a full recovery, as long as a specialist confirms to the life insurance company that you did have a heart attack then that will be sufficient to validate the claim.

This in turn does assist in a better overall recuperation process as you would not have the additional worry of money to affect the already stressful condition of the critical illness.

As it has been said this cover can be added to just about all types of life insurance though it is mainly added to cover such as Mortgage Protection Level term assurance and Whole of life plans.

Please note this list is a guide to the types of critical illness that can be covered under critical illness plans. This list is not necessarily indicative of what you would get under each particular plan. For more defined statement of benefits under each plan please download the appropriate key features document once you have carried out a life insurance or critical illness quotation.


Cardio Myopathy

Heart attack

Heart Valve Replacement

Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease

Coronary Artery Bypass

Loss of Limb

Hodgkins Disease

Kidney Failure

Loss of speech
Liver Failure

Major Organ Transplant

Motor Neurone Disease

Loss of independent Existence

Multiple Sclerosis


Open Heart Surgery


Parkinsons Disease

Pre-Senile Dementia

Aorta Graft Surgery

Terminal Illness

Severe Lung Disease

Benign Brain Tumour

Third Degree Burns

Permanent Total Disability


Aplastic Anaemia

Bacterial Meningitis



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