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  Level term assurance is essentially as the name suggests with a little twist.

It is term assurance which means it will only run for a specified period of time and it is level well sort of, it is level in so much as it does not go down like decreasing term assurance but the twist is you can index the cover within level term assurance.

Indexation makes the cover increase in line with inflation this to ensure that the cover you originally go for keeps pace with the cost of living. Not very level you might think but that is the way it works.

Level term assurance due to the fact that it is for a specified period of time is much cheaper than whole of life cover and as such is the most popular type of cover available.

Level term assurance is quite inflexible most changes result in the need to completely rewrite the plan altogether however most life companies have accommodated this and have built in options that allow you to increase and alter the cover in certain events such as a house move or the birth of a child.

As with all types of life cover, critical illness cover and waiver of premium benefit can be built in it is a selection within our quote form so select it on one of your quotes to see if it is worth having.


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