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Who are and why should you deal with us?

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  Who are we.

As you will see from all the caveats at the bottom of the pages of our site is a trading style of Mortgage Route.

As a company Mortgage Route has been providing specialist online life insurance since 1999 so we have many years experience in providing life insurance cover in this way.

As the name suggest Mortgage Route's roots lie in Mortgages and providing mortgage advice. However due to the great need for life insurance to cover mortgages we at Mortgage Route also found ourselves specialising in life insurance and the various type of life cover available.

That is were was born from this wealth of knowledge about all things life insurance.

Why deal with

This is simple low cost life cover! We save you money!

Here at we give you exactly the same life cover you can get anywhere else we just do it cheaper. Have a look below at some examples:-


Life insurance quote 100,000 over 25years male none smoker aged 35

Company Premium Savings per month Savings over the term
9.68 7.37 2,211
Sainsbury's 10.80 6.25 1,875
Tesco 11.10 5.95 1,785
Direct Line 11.32 5.73 1,719
Norwich Union 12.20 4.85 1,455
Nationwide 13.30 3.75 1,125
M&S 17.05 0 0

How do we do this well it is just by discounting the amount of commission we as a company take this in turn reduces the premiums for you.

We do this because you are buying from us online you are not receiving advice or taking the time of an adviser and as such we are saving money it is this money we are passing back to you by way of premium discounts.

Some companies expect you to buy in this way without passing the money back to you thus making huge profits themselves and leaving you worse off.

So don't let them keep your money, just click on the "click here for an instant quote" at the top of this page and let us save you that money now.


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