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  Mortgage Protection insurance is not to be confused with mortgage payment protection insurance, MPPI, which is designed to cover your mortgage payments in the event of accident sickness or disability if you want MPPI please click here to visit one of our partner sites.

Mortgage Protection insurance is a form of decreasing term assurance. The significant thing with mortgage protection insurance is that it is designed to reduce in line with the level of a repayment mortgage i.e. as the debt reduces due to the fact that you are repaying it each month so does the level of your life cover.

For this reason it should only be taken for covering a repayment mortgage and you should not let the name fool you into thinking that it can be used to cover any mortgage. If you use it to cover a mortgage that is not decreasing then after time there will be insufficient monies in the plan to cover the outstanding debt.

Owing to the fact that the liability on the life insurance company is decreasing year in year out you will find that mortgage protection insurance is somewhat cheaper than level term assurance.

Like most types of life insurance cover of this type you can include additional benefits such as critical illness cover and waver of premium benefit.


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